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Place to Visit

Jaisalmer nick named as the golden city is one of the most sought after tourist destinations of Rajasthan. Lies in the heart of Thar Desert it Is famous for its magnificent forts and monuments. There are various amazing places that one can explore on a sight seeing tour to Jaisalmer. Some of the must visit places on Jaisalmer tour are as given velow:

Excursions in Jaisalmer (Local Sight Seen in morning time for 3 – 4 hours)

Jaisalmer Fort :

The Jaisalmer fort is the second oldest fort in Rajasthan after Chittor that is situated 250 ft high perch on the hill. Sharp turns on the road Topped by high defensive gateway made it invincible. At the highest point of the place can be seen an umbrella-Meghadamber symbolic of Krishna. Music and dances soirees were held here for royal ladies. From the balconies you get a terrific view of the mammoth ramparts Below guarding the small city. The fort contains one third of the city's population within the small houses on the narrow lanes. Many houses Provide budget accommodation to visitors and house curio shops.


Jain Temples :

Within the fort are the three most exquisitely sculptured Jain temples dedicated to Rishabhdevji, Sambhavanathji and the Ashthapadi . The Ornamentation done on these temples is in the style of the Dilwara temples at Mt. Abu which makes it simply marvelous. The emerald icon Of Mahavira is an unparalleled gem.

On a sight seeing tour of Jaisalmer no one can afford to miss the famous havelies. These havelies are the pride of Jaisalmer architecture, A part of the national heritage. Some of the magnificent havelies of Jaisalmer include


Salem Singh Haveli :

Salem Singh haveli is situated at the eastern end of the city, is an Arabian Nights structure, which, like a wild flower, blossoms at the top.


Patwon ki Haveli :

Near the city center is the Patwon ki Haveli, built by Guman Chand Patwa and his five sons, dealers in brocade, gold and silver Embroidery with business stretching between Afghanistan and China. The balconies are so delicately chiseled you and mesmerized you By the splendor of it. Oblique sunrays create enchanting and dramatic shadows on this grandest mansion in Jaisalmer, a veritable Museum piece in the open.


Nathmal Haveli :

The third haveli belongs to Nathmal, a later day prime minister who gifted it to the Rawal and was allowed to retain it. Built by two brothers In 1885, this haveli has two identical looking portions, which are in fact two different parts united by a common façade. So ethereal, so Charming the carving never looked better. A perfect example of jeweler's art applied to stone carving. If only for viewing these havelis travel To Jaisalmer is more than amply rewarded.


Gadi Sagar lake :

situated to the south of the city of Jaisalmer. Gadi Sagar a rain-water lake of Jaisalmer, is located amidst calm and cool surroundings.

Excursions from Jaisalmer (Out Sight Seen)

Sand & Khuri Dunes (45 Kms.) – start time 04 Pm onwards :

The most picturesque dunes are located some 45 km from Jaisalmer. No travel to Jaisalmer is complete without a visit to these fascinating Dunes. The dunes can be extremely treacherous since they can sink to a few feet the moment you step over one. Occasionally you can see The dunes shifting with the strong desert winds-an astonishing feat of nature. Watching sunrise and sunset on the dunes can become Etched on your memory as an unforgettable spectacle.


Lodurva (17 Kms.) :

Lodurva, the ancient capital of Bhattis is 16 kilometers from Jaisalmer. Mostly in ruins, it is visited for the great Jain temple, which contains The most exquisite jail work screens, grand ceiling and a magnificent triumphal arch at the entrance. The original carriage for the deity, Made in 1675, is still preserved. The most interesting object dart is Kalpataru, a mythical tree of wish fulfillment. Lodurva has a great Number of peacocks, which hover around the temple walls lending spectacular color to the dry and stony landscape. Here once flowed the River Kak. Along its banks had flourished the romance between princess Momal, and prince Mathendru of Amarkot. Their tragic end is the Theme of folk songs. When the lovers perished, the river Kak stopped flowing.


Amar Sagar (05 Kms.) :

From Lodurva, the road to Jaisalmer passes through Amar Sagar, which has a grand artificial reservoir for water, a temple and a Promenade on the bank. Bada Bagh, cenotaphs of the Jaishalmer Rawals, has some magnificent chattris (canopies) set amidst an oasis of Greenery. It is indeed a great place for a stopover and photography. Another beautiful place is the Gadi Sagar Tank, the main source of the City's water supply.


Kuldhara Village ( 17 Kms.) :

One of the most interesting places is Kuldhara village. This is among the 84 villages inhabited by the rich, hard-working Paliwals. The Paliwals deserted their houses overnight with the curse that anyone who removed even a stone from the houses would come to grief and perish. Howling winds rush through empty streets and skeletons of houses now exposed to the elements remains of the village.

HISTORY OF TANOT MATA TEMPLE (120 Kms.) Tanot is a place located at a distance of 120 Km from Jaisalmer and name Tanot is Named on goddess Tanot. Praisee is said to be incarnation of Goddess Hinglaz now located in Lasvela Distt of Bluchistan. Bhati Rajput King Tanu Rao made Tanot as their capital. In AC 847 foundation of Goddess Tanot was kept and idol was installed. Temple is revered by Generations of Bhati Rajput and people of Jaisalmer and surrounding areas. Later on with the advent of time, Bhati Rajput brought their Capital to Jaisalmer but temple remained located at Tanot. Before 1965 this temple was maintained by personnel of RAC and when BSF Was formed, responsibility of maintaining this temple was shifted to BSF. It is a great source of inspiration for troops of BSF as well as of Army due to miracle happened during 1965 Indo Pak war. It is said that in the month of Oct 1965 Pak Army had advanced from two flanks i.e. from Kishangarh and Sadewala side to deep inside Indian territory but area in between where this temple is located could not be Overrun despite heavy pounding by Arty and fierce fighting. Pak Army fired more than 3000 shells in area around temple but due to divine Power, It is said that most of the shell went blind and what so ever exploded could not cause much damage. It is further claimed by Inhabitants living in nearby villagers that mother Goddes Tanot appeared in the dreams of some soldiers and assured them for protection if They do not leave the premises of temple. Later on Indian Army repulsed the attack of Pak Army and after three days of heavy fighting Pak Army made a hasty retreat leaving hundred of dead of its soldier. At that crucial time of war two coys of 13 Bn BSF and one Bn of Grenadier Was deployed in area of Tanot against one Bde of Pak Army but they fought valiantly and broke the back bone of enemy due to goddess Blessings. Since then this temple came into prominence and its popularity spread over other region also. Again in 1971 when Pak Army Launched sudden attack in Longewala in the night of 4th Dec, due to inspiration and spritual strength drawn from this temple, only one coy Of Punjab regiment alongwith one coy of BSF (14 Bn BSF) repulsed their attack which is a unique operation in the world history of battles. Longewala is called as a graveyard of Pak Tanks where their entire Tank regt was made to bite the dust due to exemplary coverage Shown by our troops. In the memory of victory in this historic battle of Longewala a Vijay Memorial has been constructed at the entrance of Temple where on 16th Dec every year a celebration is organized with fervour and gaiety to remember the heroic deeds of our soldiers.
Twice in a year i.e. in April and Sept Navrtara is celebrated at Tanot where free lunger is run by BSF as well as free Medical camp. Thousands of devotees from every nook and corner of the country throng the temple to offer their prayer to goddess.

Temp and Rainfall:

January to March
50F - 80F
10 degree C - 27 degree C

April to June
75F - 105F
24 degree C - 45 degree C

July to September
70F - 95F
21degree C - 35 degree C

October to December
55F - 85F
13 degree C - 30 degree C


Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Come and see the most wonderful festival with many events to enjoy

2017 - 08th to 10th February

A herd of camels, locals dressed in colourful fancy dresses, camel races and polo matches, turban tying competitions, men with long moustache, acrobats, puppeteers, and jugglers comes to ones mind as he hears of Jaisalmer Desert Festival.

This exuberant Festival of Jaisalmer is held in January end or February every year in the sand dunes of Sam, 42 K.M. away from Jaisalmer. The celebration continues for three days. These three days of festival glorifies the rich culture of the region.

The desert festival in Jaisalmer was started with an aim to attract foreign tourists, who always look forward to explore more and more facets of Rajasthan. This no-nonsense festival only showcases Rajasthani folk songs and dance to promote Jaisalmer culture and traditions.

The festival culminates on 'Purnima' (full moon day). The Rajasthan tourism organizes the Jaisalmer Desert fair/festival. Tourist help cell are setup to solve the problems faced by foreign tourists. The local administration monitors the arrangements and Medical vans equipped with all the essential medical facilities, are kept on call in case of emergency.

The major attraction of Jaisalmer Desert Festival is to showcase the culture of the region and thus glorifying of the desert land. The annual desert festival is held on the backdrop of the Jaisalmer fort.

The sand of Jaisalmer comes alive with the dazzling colors, vibrant music and laughter of the Desert Festival between the pinks of winters. The people dressed in brilliantly hued costumes, dance and sing the poignant ballads of valor, romance and tragedy. The fair has snake charmers, puppeteers, acrobats, folk artists and various competitions are also held here. The festival closes with an enchanting sound and light show in the moonlit night amid sand dunes with a promise to come back again next year.